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Gifts of lifetime challenges book description
Have you been facing unending life challenges, feeling frustrated and discouraged,and you can’t make sense of the challenges and take whatever good can come out ofthem?

If you've answered YES,

Let this inspirational, self-awareness book give you a new
perspective on your life challenges and guide you on how to pick
blessings out of the trash of challenges.

The maze that is life challenges is overwhelming to an ordinary mind. It takes divine efforts to understand, appreciate and make sense of suffering. Life has been gifted all through it, even in hell. Appreciate what comes your way, pick the best and continue shaping your life.

Gifts of life challenges is a heartwarming read that challenges your perspective about life problems. It gets you out of the world of lamentations and have you begin picking the best out of your life, suffering.

Whenever you face challenges in life, you might have some questions
Is this my challenge to solve?
Do I deserve these challenges in the first place?
Are other people going through these challenges?
Why me?
What good can come out of these challenges?

In this inspirational self-awareness book, you will learn:

  • Energy systems located beneath your physical body that help you connect with the universe and purpose on earth
  • The lifetime gifts that you uniquely possess express themselves freely throughout your life
  • The gift of others who pre-program their belief systems in us and continue influencing our lives long after we outgrow them and how to break out of that cocoon and do our own lives and what we want to do.
  • Past life gifts-how past life challenges and good things give you lessons to propel you in your current and future life
  • Gifts of contracts-how our day-to-day relationships and hardships with others shape our lives and help us understand our purpose in life.
  • And much more!

So, whether you are looking for a book to inspire you from your daily challenges or want
to make sense of your daily struggles and become self-aware, this book got your back!
You might wonder if this book is a personal account of someone's life. Although the
book features many unique challenges, it is a story that resonates with everyone. It is a
story of embracing and making the best of our challenges instead of lamenting.
If you are looking for a captivating self-discovery story, the gifts and blessings at your
disposal along your life, how to make the best out of life challenges and discovering the
giant in you, this book is for you. It will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about the kind
of energy you have and what you can do on your own.

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Gifts of lifetime challenges book (PDF)

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