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Kerri the Button Lady
Buttons readings & Gamma Acadeny


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The F.L.A.W.C. presents Kerri Hermary

The F.L.A.W.C. presents Kerri Hermary

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Shannan Schad-Mondor

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Button Reading Jan 21, 2020

Button Reading Jan 21, 2020

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Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life


Spiritual Healings with Buttons

There are powerful messages in each button. Color, texture, shape all play a part in messages from spirit.

Each message is unique to the individual asking the questions they need answers to.

Believe and you shall receive.

Gamma Healing

Healing through different portals on your body releasing:

. Others people’s energies
. Old traumas, replacing it with the life you want.

Gamma healing modality heals all layers involved in cell memories.

Trying is believing...

IGamma Healing - the button lady

Chakra Healing

Remembering who you are is really hard when you don't know who you are!

First off, you are an energy being living through a physical body.
Just like your physical body the energy being all so has an body. The energy body consists of your chakras, aura and meridians.

Chakra healing is a tool where you can remove unwanted energies out of you energy body resulting in healing the physical body.

I am here to help you if you are ready to start the journey of healing you body through you chakra energy systems.

Heal Your Heart Retreat

Your Heart Chakra has very strong energy. It needs to be nurtured, healed and protected.


Gamma Energy Healing

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