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What My Clients are Saying...

Very interesting...Thank you for the reading. You got were correct!

When you I'm a water baby, I bathe in Epsom salts as a way of cleansing my energy and I sleep a lot indeed.

I am going through a illness that makes me tired.

Love and light to you. 

Kerri does live readings on tiktok and i watched her for long time giving people readings and them responding back to her she was right. then she spoke about the energy work she does. I book a session to try Gamma. To my surprise Kerri knew exactly how to help me.

Anyone needing help healing anything in their lives Kerri can help. I appreciate her so much! i still work with Kerri once a week! 

Hi Kerri, I don't know if you remember me, but you did a reading for me couple of days ago on a live in Tiktok.

I told you I was 6 weeks pregnant, and you told me you saw a boy and a girl and said there could be a possibility for twins.

I honestly shrugged it off. Today I had my first ultrasound and its twins! I am in shock!

I just wanted to let you know that you were right, and it's really stuck with me! Thank you!

I met Kerri on a psychic phone line. During the reading I realized I connected with her to help me understand my dysfunctional relationships. I have been working with Kerri doing Gamma healing sessions for over 2 years. Cathy

I met Kerri through Cathy. I am so grateful for Kerri she helped understand how I numbed my feeling of being unhappy with my marriage with alcohol. Holding onto anger and being pissed off all the time about how he treated. I never knew to take responsibility for my part but showed me I allowed him to treat me that way. Kerri continues mentoring me through gamma healing every week keeping me aligned to the new Sue.   

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