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Energy and Weight Loss Book Description
Have you struggled with weight loss for days, but you do not seem to progress? Did you know there is more to weight gain and loss than diet, exercise, or any other weight loss program you might want to undertake? Have you ever considered the spiritual
aspect of it-that there are energies within your internal and external environment that drive your body functions?

If this rings a bell in your mind,

Let this inspiring book guide you on tapping into your inner
energies to streamline your body functioning and achieve a
balanced physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Energy vibrations and how we respond to them influence what we go through in life and how we experience it. Our physical and spiritual well-being, the friendships we create, how we relate with our families and how they treat us, and how we embrace our past experiences and intertwine them with our current life to create a new life depends on our energy waves and fields.

Energy and weight loss is a holistic, heartwarming read connecting you to more profound personal energies that influence your life consciously or unconsciously. It guides you to align your energies and vibrations for better experiences and outcomes in your life.

You might be wondering.

How does weight loss affect the energies around my body and environment?
How and why do energy vibrations influence the quality of my family relationships?
What are the energy signs and symptoms of abuse within a family?
What is energy being and physical being, and what is the difference?
How can healing my past life align my energy vibration for present and future prosperity?


In this inspiring, holistic, self-enlightenment book, you will learn;

  • What is energy being, the physical being, their differences, and the various energies affecting the functioning of your body and daily experiences
  • How you can tell of abuse within a family by reading about energy changes and how it affects those abused
  • How healing your past life can resolve your present life and thrust you into a more extraordinary life
  • How weight loss is connected to energy vibrations and how you can fight it spiritually.

So, whether you are looking for a book to lead you to a deeper understanding of energy
vibrations and their effects on your life or a book that enlightens and lights up your daily
experiences, this is your read!
You might wonder why the book ties many concepts into one. Although the book may
tackle various concepts, the ideas are related and holistically work to enhance your
understanding of the forces affecting your life.

If you want to understand your life more profoundly, the energies and forces propelling
or hindering it, and how you can get those energies positively contribute to your life, this
book is for you. It will make you laugh and criticize yourself while challenging you to
strive for a better personal life.

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Energy and Weight Loss Book (PDF)

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