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Gamma Energy Healing




Most people walk through life living through old emotions and memories! As children we grow through repeated actions to walk and talk. Children are what they see and learn through other people. Which is stored 

in the subconscious mind until the conscious mind needs it to function in the world.

Every day we think we are in the present moment but really we are in the past because that's a comfortable spot that we are used to.

Change can't happen until you get out of that comfort zone of the past. Repeated patterns come from the past of old thoughts which are the true facts of your present life.

As adults we say we don't want to our parents but become them, why because they created our future through their memories.

Gamma healing is guaranteed to help you become who you are suppose to be. By taking those emotions and memories turning them experiences  allowing space for future memories.

The physical body becomes sick, depressed, ill because of  being ran by the old emotions, thoughts and memories. 

Gamma is the true connection to the real you! Change can be hard if you are not sure where to start the healing process. If your ready to become healthy and free of the life not created by you Gamma is here to help!

Kerri is a channel of Gamma energy and is able to communicate with your higher self and guides for the correct prescription needed to heal your body. mind and spirit without drugs but pure unconditional love.  

Gamma testimony

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