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Do you want to know how stop impulsive decisions, or repeat behaviours and break free from the chains of addictions & Stress?

You Only Need to Unleash Your Inner Power and Rewrite Your Story!

And Iam Going to Show You How!

Imagine harnessing the extraordinary power of your Innate Psychic Abilities to Break these Chains!

Do you Crave the freedom to design a life that's Authentically yours?


Embrace The Possibilities: Step into a world of transformation with

"Mindful Insights: Mastering Psychic Abilities"

Let us guide you on a Epic journey through Psychic Realms---

"Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clair cognizance---

to uncover your Innate Psychic and Ignite them for personal growth!

Awaken Your Energy

Your Chakras the hidden gateway to spiritual evolution!

Forge Your Destiny

Envision yourself unshackled from the turmoil life you are living!

Amplify Your Intuition

Cultivate and Synchronize with your inner voice with your highest purpose!

Embrace a Life Illuminated by clarity, purpose and profound self-mastery!

  • Master Relationships

  • Radiate Confidence

  • Healing from Within

Embark on a transformative Odyssey of self-discovery and reinvention. Our seasoned Mentor will steer you through immersive sessions, pragmatic exercises and a nurturing community environment.

Free webinar September 7,2023

6pm MST 


Seize Limited Spots: Claim your place today and unite with fellow seekers prepared to embrace their boundless potential.





Empower Your Journey Now

Click below get your Free spot and set forth on the path to Mastering Psychic Abilities, unleashing your inner brilliance and scripting your own tale of empowerment.

No upcoming events at the moment

Stop seeking attention, start seeking ascension. 

Bring your purpose to light by connecting with the spiritual world. Seeking attention will make you lose your purpose. 

We are all energy beings journeying through this earth school trying to survive!

Are we really surviving or is they is a bigger plan!

Kerri has been on a spiritual journey channeling her guide Melchizedek learning to understand the multidimensional spiritual realm. Over 20 years of experiencing the different dense energies from humans, environments, ghosts and past lives.  

Kerri the Button Lady







The Spiritual Realm Wisdom

The spirit realm can help you understand and heal yourself. This website is a portal to the spiritual realm universe. You can either uncover whispers from spirit or show you what you can do to start forming an intuitive connection to the spirit realm so you can heal more profoundly and befriend your higher self. Yes, you can uncover your own psychic abilities.

  • Spiritual healings through Kerri's psychic Button readings that promote healing on all levels through messages.

  • Gamma healing that transforms cell memories and promotes overall wellness of the body mind connection.

  • Chakra healing that balances your energy body and promotes physical healing.

A Message from Kerri -thebuttonlady

I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve and control their lives, all they need to do is harness the wisdom within their energy.

Since I was 19 years old, spirit was coming to me through dreams preparing me to guide individuals through psychic channeling. 

I got on the healing journey because I was desperate to heal my family from years of physical and mental abuse, which was the blessing, I needed to become the person I am today.

I have been harnessing divine energy for my clients for over 25 years, providing them with unparalleled psychic services like psychic button readings, Gamma healing, and chakras healing; I am pleased to do the same for you.


Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.


Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life


Spiritual Healings with Buttons

Kerri's famous buttons carry powerful messages within each button. Color, texture, shape all plays a part in messages from spirit.


Kerri is a psychic channel receiving messages from the spirit realm on your behalf.  

Each message is unique to the individual needing guidance. When you pick buttons with your eyes open its your head picking and when you pick with your eyes closed its your heart picking!

Trying is Believing!

Gamma Healing

Healing through fourteen energy portals on your body releasing:

  1. Understand your life through other people’s energies and belief systems that taught you.

  2. Release the old story of traumas, replacing it with the life you want.

  3. Resulting in you Aligning with the true you "energy being" living a purposeful life.

Gamma healing is multi-dimensional modality healing the entire individual, all layers involved, cell memories, and past lives.

Trying is believing!

IGamma Healing - the button lady

Chakra Healing

Discovering who you are is really hard when you don't know who you are!

First off, you are an energy being living through a physical body during earth school.
Just like your physical body the energy being all so has a body. The energy being body which consists of your chakras. The chakras send and receive energy from other energy centers that feed the physical body organs and surrounded area.

Chakra healing is a tool where you can remove unwanted energies from the physical body through these energy centers resulting in healing the physical body.
Disease, illness and addictions begin in your energy created by your thoughts and when emotions are attached, they anchor those thoughts into your subconscious mind for a later date when needed. Over time those thoughts grow in dense energy causing issues within the physical body resulting in disease, illness or addictions.

I am here to help you understand if you are ready to start the journey of healing your body through chakra energy systems.

Soul Guidance Retreat

Soul Guidance retreats are designed for individuals who have a genuine interest in exploring and developing thheir connection to the Energy Being which lives inside the physical body.

Empowering Novices, Enthusiast, Spiritual Seekers, Practitioners, Holistic Healers, Curious minds and Personal Growth Enthusiasts ready to connect to their inner truth and let go of conditioning of being taught by others which puts us out into the world with skills to survive! Over the years those skills no longer serve us bringing the same unwanted patterns of unhappiness causing some kind of addiction to become our go to and escape reality.

Soul guidance retreats will help you heightened awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and intuition, expect a greater understanding of energy your inner being.  Through rediscovering your Energy Being it amplifies your intuition and solve problems related to uncertainty, indecision and lack of clarity. By enhancing your awareness and connection with your energetic inner self, these techniques we teach at soul guidance retreats can lead to better life solving, increased creativity resulting in a deeper understanding your story in this lifetime that ultimately contributes the new improved you that you can be proud of.   

Soul Guidance Retreat is a 7-day retreat nurturing and healing yourself from those unwanted patterns and old stories.

Creating a safe space to let go of old trauma and for discovering your story isn't who you are but an experience. Through Energy work you will not only release that old story but rewrite your story to fit the real you, living the life you want. Putting you on a path of finding your true purpose.  


Gamma Energy Healing

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